The Legendary Torghatten! Brønnøysund, Norway, October 2016.

01-img_6911When we decided to go to Brønnøysund I did not remember that Torghatten was there. As I was looking for things to do, and obviously Torghatten came up! And so did my childhood memories. According to my parents I have been there twice, I only remember the last time. It’s more than 30 years ago and I still remember it was fun. Of course I wanted to bring my children there too!

Biking in Brønnøysund!

Visiting a fish farm. 

Brønnøysund Bridge for a good view.


Torghatten is a spectacular mountain with a hole in it. You can walk right through it! The mountain is visible from far away, it looks like a hat and is 258 moh (846 ft asl). No wonder that the sailors navigated after it.


Torghatten means “the hat at Torg” and there are many old stories of how it came there, including trolls, maidens, kings, flirting, rejection and chivalry. The one rejected shot ten arrows at once after the fleeing maiden. A gentleman threw his hat, the arrows went through the hat, saved the maiden, but shortly after the sun came up and they all turned into stone. There is the hat to this day.


The path up there is well marked and just very beautiful! It is steep and quite demanding. We used about 20 minutes to get up.


“Welcome to Torghatten. Traffic at your own risk”. There has been between 1-2 million people visiting Toghatten during the last 100 years and there are no known injuries due to falling rocks. However, the riskiest times are when there is frost, between 1st of October to 1st of May. We had very mild weather, so it was not a problem for our trip in October.


This is the view when we had climbed all the way up to the hole – and turned around. It is simply amazing. Brønnøysund town is to the left, you can’t see it because it’s behind the mountain. That’s also why you can’t see the hole from the town; it’s the wrong angle.

07-img_6949The first view through the hole. It is 166 m (554 ft) long, 28-75 m (91-246 ft) high and 10-28 m (32-91 ft) wide.

Some told me a Norwegian small aircraft, was chased by the Germans during the war and escaped by flying through this hole. It’s an exciting story, but not true. What is true though, is that someone planned to fly through the hole around 1950. After checking it thoroughly, they decided it was too dangerous and abandoned the plans. The hole is narrow, the opening to get in is lower than the opening to get out and it is windy.

2-img_6951They have made stairs inside the hole, so you can go down and up quite easily. The trails are made were the geologist showed them was safest. 11-img_6971 08-img_696407-img_6983-001This is the stunning view on the other side! We sat down and had our packed lunch in these beautiful surroundings. More hikers came, they took a photo of us and we took a photo of them. Everybody was kind of in awe and even though we were strangers to each other it was natural to chat.

12-img_6975The Swedish King Oscar the 2nd, came to visit Torghatten 14th of July 1873. A thousand people came to get a glimps of him. He must have loved travelling as much as I do, he also visited North Cape the same year. See pictures here.1-img_6959-00109-img_6965We enjoyed the trip just as much as these photos imply. Go there if you ever have the opportunity!

I will summon op the trip to Torghatten with three words; Demanding, Exciting and Stunning. Climbing up there was demanding, as we had just finished 18 km on bikes and it is steep. Going into the hole and through the mountain was really exciting. The view on the other side was stunning!


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