Sightseeing by bus! Miami, USA, December 2016.

We only had one whole day in Miami, before heading to Cape Canaveral, and to make the most of it we had bought tickets for a sightseeing tour. Our experience is that it’s a good way of getting to know a new place a bit better.  We had travelled for 27 hours the day before and had jetlag, so the morning ride was fine, 9 am was 3 pm for us… We came early, got first in line and got the front seats of the roofless double decker.

I love palms, they are so pretty! The weather was grey, cloudy and windy, but no rain. The temperature was good at least for us Norwegians. Did you know that in Norway if the temperature is a least 20 °C (68 °F), it is marked as a summer day? The sun did come out during the ride and we were happy. The temperature at home was -6 °C (20 °F), so this was great!

The art deco district is part of most sightseeing’s in Miami. The amazing buildings are found on Miami Beach, which I was told is a separate city from Miami. What’s typical of this architecture is the use of geometrical forms, pastel colors, rounded corners and different shaped windows, often porthole windows. This house has “eye brows”, the ledge over the windows, this was to give shadow and cooler air inside, in a time before the air conditioner.

Miami is a large city with a lot of traffic. Sitting on the top floor on the roofless double decker, we got an impressive view of this.

The big, red “M” marks the place were Miami was founded as a city. The founder of Miami is Julia Tuttle, the only woman to found a major city in the USA.

Miami also have a major international airport, although we were not impressed upon arrival. During the day of the sightseeing we saw lots of airplanes. These two are my favorite photos of them.

This house is made of coral rock, which is no longer legal building material. We drove through a very nice neighborhood and would have expected high fences and walls, but most where open like this.

Since it’s the winter in Miami we were surprised that is was so green everywhere, lots of beautiful flowers too!

The bus made a stop at Little Havanna, the community that was formed by the many refugees from Cuba. You could get lots of typical Cuban souvenirs, like the cigars.

This beautiful, remarkable building is located close to the Miami Marina and is called the Freedom Tower. This was the building where the Cuban refugees got their citizenship and their freedom.

We did enjoy the tour. It was an English/Spanish tour. The guide spoke the entire two-hour ride and we even picked up a few Spanish Words 🙂

We had made reservation for a 4-hour sightseeing; 2 hours by bus, 1 1/2 by boat and transfer back to the base. Actually, we had to wait at the marina for 1 hour before we could go on the boat ride. Then when we got back from the boat ride, we had to wait another 1 1/2 hour for the transfer back. I believe they have an agreement with the shops at the marina, to keep us there a little longer.


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