Sightseeing by Boat! Miami, USA, December, 2016.

Miami has a huge marina, with lots of fancy boats. It is not simply a city with a coastline, but also several islands, which makes this place special. Pier 5 is where we waited for our sightseeing by boat. The shops were expensive, but that could be because the dollar was very strong and our “kroner” was worth less.

I don’t know if locals have their boats at Pier 5, but you can rent almost any boat in Miami. We enjoy looking at these amazing boats.

We passed under this bridge, which is one of the bridges that connect Miami and Miami Beach.Miami is the base for many of the impressive cruise ships, cruising the Caribbean. They are like floating luxury societies. Many millions of passengers travel from Miami every year.

Many people wants to live in Miami or to have a second home here, because of the nice climate. Everyone can’t afford luxury villas by the sea. I believe the apartments in this building was easy to sell.

Houses at Hibiscus Island and Palm Island; all amazing in their own way. Some of them are top modern, almost futuristic and others are classical palaces in different sizes.

Flagler Memorial Island is an artificial island. Originally it was round, but due to the weather and the sea it is no longer round. The obelisk is 34 m (110 ft) tall and is erected in memory of Henry M. Flagler, one of the pioneers in Florida.

The boat is almost bigger than the house… they must love fishing.

We saw houses belonging to many stars as David Beckham, Shakira, Will Smith and Jackie Chan. I wonder what they think about their houses being a tourist attraction? I guess if they hated it, they would not have bought a house here.

These houses are located on Star Island. It is not a nick name due to the stars living on this island. It’s the real name, but all the people owning a house here, are kind of stars, at least they are famous.

The house above, belongs to Phillip Frost. He ownes the pharmaceutical company who makes Viagra. Mr Frost has a thing about palms and on this property he has a collection of over 100 different palms, many in a greenhouse. He bought two properties which he merged. The palms along the water was imported from Africa at 10 000 dollar a piece!

Miami has also a huge seaport. The cranes are incredible huge, incredible expensive and incredible efficient! They handle huge amounts of cargo and is one of the busiest ports in USA.

Miami skyline… Miami Beach is behind us.

This is a brown pelican. We were impressed by the birdlife. I was thrilled to see this pelican as it is something I only have read about.

If you travel to Miami I do recommend to take a boat trip. The sea and the water is important for Miami and Miami Beach. By taking a boat trip you get a better understanding of these cities. Sightseeing by boat was also fun, since the guide had a great sense of humor, which I think guides do need.

Source: The guide.

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