On the Top at Rypetoppen! Meråker, Norway, August 2016.

13-img_6514-001To the observant reader, we have been to Rypetoppen Adventurepark before.

First time in Rypetoppen, July 2015.

It is a great place to return to! I often write in my blog articles that I want to return (I had to stop writing that, since I want to return everywhere…). Anyway we went back to Rypetoppen, just for the fun of it and to try out the trail that wasn’t finished last year. It is named “Fossekallen” after the Norwegian national bird. In English; the white-throated dipper (Cinclus cinclus). It is often found near waterfalls.

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Fjellvåken is a longer path along the same rocks, but is further down the same rock as Fossekallen. You can see climbers in both trails on the photo above. Both trails has two zip lines.

I did ask both employees and climbers if Fossekallen trail was more difficult than Fjellvåken and they all said no. The exception was a Swedish father that said he would never do it again, he was sure he would die!

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My son (12) wanted to go and I went with him. I did both trails and made a comparison.

  • Fjellvåken has a longer climbing trail along the rock.
  • It is physical challenging, but most of the time you are standing straight.
  • One part is a wire, if you pass it with your back against the rock, it is easy.
  • It is not very far down to the water, but it feels pretty far.
  • You take one zip line over the water and another one back, and that’s it.


  • Fossekallen has a shorter climbing trail than Fjellvåken.
  • It is a lot heavier on your arms, since you hang backwards.
  • It is far down to the water and it is not suitable if you have fear of heights. If you should panic, the help is just above your head.
  • The zip line brings you over the water, you walk to the waterfall, where a narrow bridge leads you to the last zip line back.

I liked Fossekallen best because of the bridge and the waterfall, it was great! A good tip is to make sure there are not too many right in front of you as you climb Fossekallen, to hold on tight is strenuous as you are waiting for the person in front of you to move.

Climbing in Germany, July 2013.

We had 6 hours in the park and could easily have stayed for another 4 hours! Although I woke up the day after, with sore muscles in my arms, my belly and my legs 🙂 It was a pretty good workout.

We went there on the first Saturday after school started. It was beautiful weather after weeks with a lot of rain, of course there had to be many people there. We did some waiting, the longest at Ørnen (the eagle) which is three zip lines. Actually we waited more than one hour to finish it, but time flew by and it was not a problem. We might try to go there on a less visited day later this autumn and we’ll be there when they open at 10 am.


Rypetoppen Adventurepark has dedicated staff, a safe climbing system and good training of the climbers. As we entered the park I heard “click, click, click” when people moved along the trails, clicking on and off. There were happy faces everywhere and the small children doing the trails just above the ground, were so cute. This is a place for all ages. It gives you a good feeling when you master something new. My son and I got through Fossekallen!

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