Holmenkollen Ski Jump! Oslo, Norway, August 2016.

3-IMG_6317-0011-IMG_6295-001We went to Holmenkollen in the evening (when the Ski Museum was closed). Is that a good idea? Yes! It is a great place to bring the children to see something new and use some energy. You can actually walk up the stairs all the way to where the seating ends. And we did! We were not alone, some tourists had made it there too and we smiled at each other all of us short of breath.

1-IMG_6296-001This is as far as we got! We got a great view of the ski jump, but not of the capital Oslo.

2-IMG_6311-001Here you see the sunset over the Oslofjord.

1-IMG_6305-001“Bikkja i bakken”. “The dog on the hill” (landing slope). History goes; 80 years ago a dog ran away from the owner, during a ski jump competition. They had to stop the competition while they were catching the dog. The viewers found it hilarious and for many years they had a dog running on the landing slope as planned entertainment during the break. This was all done playfully and was fun for the dog. For some years they didn’t have this tradition, but it is back again now as far as I know…

5-IMG_6340-001The ski jump was new in 2010, but it has been a ski jump here since 1892!

4-IMG_6312-001In case you wonder where we were….

7-IMG_6314-001The trolls are a part of the Norwegian traditions. They are supposed to be pretty dangerous if you meet them in the forrest, but they only come out at night. If they sun rays hit them they would burst or turn into stone. These ones were probably busy watching the late ski jump as the sun came up and there they are!

2-IMG_6331-001The moose (known as elk in Europe) is an important and common animal in the Norwegian forests. Although it is found in many countries with similar climate as Norway, it is perceived as typical Norwegian. The warning signs along the roads where moose are likely to cross the road, are frequently stolen by tourists. That is a shame as this endangers other people that doesn’t get the warning…

In Norway we call the moose the King of the Forest. If you drive Østerdalen you will see a giant silver moose, along National Road 3.

6-IMG_6334-001This amazing hotel lies on top of the Holmenkollen hill. It looks like something straight out of a Norwegian fairytale, where the king spent his days wondering who was good enough for his princess! I have no idea how the inside, the service or the breakfast is, but the fabulous architecture and amazing view, is a good enough reason to try it out 🙂 This is their web-page!

Let me wrap it up like this: Going to Holmenkollen is an adventure whether it is day or night 🙂 And you can get great exercise too!

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