Hiking to Bukkhaugen! Levanger, Norway, September 2016.

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Hiking to Bukkhaugen is not a very long hike, merely 4 km (2,5 mi). Still it’s a very rewarding hike, because of all the beautiful sights. Bukkhaugen is made accessible for everyone, from children in strollers, to people in wheelchairs.

It is one of many hiking trails in Levanger municipality and a part of “10 på topp”. In general, you could say Norwegians spend a lot of their spare time in the nature.


To get to Bukkhaugen you have to pass under the ski lift.


The forest is beautiful. It’s mostly spruce, but you’ll also see pine and birch, along with rowan which is pretty with the red berries in the Autumn.

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The path goes past a beautiful lake; Nedre Langfylltjønna.


That’s it; Bukkhaugen or Buck Hill. In this photo it is not very impressive, but it looked quite steep to us.


The last part of the way goes over marsh land. It looked like a good place for cloudberries, but I imagine they’ll dissapear almost before they are ripe.


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At the top! It is 465 moh (1525 ft asl). There are plenty of benches and places to sit down, if it’s raining you can sit in the shelter. It is also possible to make a bonfire and have a barbeque.


Here you see Levanger and a part of Ytterøya. The little lake is Øvre Langfylltjønna. 12-img_6674-001 13-img_6686-001

The view is beautiful, you can see The Trondheim fjord. The island in the fjord is Hestøya (the horse island). The lake is the one we walked passed; Nedre Langfylltjønna.

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The sunset was beautiful this evening and it must have been magical watching it from Bukkhaugen. It was beautiful walking through the forrest as the evening became night. I’ll go back when it’s a clear night, just to see the lights from Levanger.


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