Brønnøysund Bridge. Brønnøysund, Norway, October 2016.

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This is Brønnøysund Bridge as seen when you leave the center of Brønnøysund. It connects the island Torget to the mainland. The bridge was built in 1979 and made it possible to go to Torghatten by car, without having to take a ferry. They got a lot more visitors there after that.


The bridge is 550 m (1804 ft) long and boats up to 30 m (10ft) can pass under it. Here we are at the top and it is quite far down. It  is a cantilevered road bridge.

Another world famous cantilever bridge at Atlanterhavsvegen.

The sidewalk is a bit scary to ride the bike at, and you see the bike seat is quite level with the railing. It was scary to ride the bike there when the wind was strong. We all pictured our self, blown over the railing. Luckily we crossed the bridge four times without any accidents.

02-img_6809-001The view towards South and Torghatten.

Read about the amazing Torghatten here!


01-img_6807-001The view towards North and Brønnøysund.

Biking in Brønnøysund!

09-img_7048-001This is art! At least it is not that ugly that you hate it. It is “Steinar Breiflabb” or “Steinar Anglerfish”. Have a look at the anglerfish in my post from The Norwegian Aquarium in Ålesund and see if you can find the resemblance… It can’t exactly compete with the Little Mermaid of Copenhagen…12-img_6803-002I was thrilled that the water was so clear, that I could stand on the bridge and take a photo of the fishes swimming in the water under the bridge! These are not little fishes, I’m just high above. The water quality in Brønnøysund was amazing!

That makes it perfect for fish farming!

08-img_7042-001On our pursuit of the art “Steinar Anglerfish”, we got to see the bridge from this angle. It is quite impressive.


Going down the bridge, back to town.

I wasn’t originally going to write about the bridge, but this was quite special and deserved some extra credit.


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