Biking in Nordland! Brønnøysund, Norway, October 2016.

01-img_6846-001My husband works as a referee in both handball and soccer. This weekend he was assigned some matches in Brønnøysund and we went along. We saw one of the matches in Brønnøyhallen, where we found some chairs at the tribune and had a good view. Our team won!


The hotels were filled up because of the teams coming to play, but we found a nice little apartment through Airbnb. Lisbeth was a great host 🙂

Frankly, I decided to go to Brønnøysund because I like to travel. After I decided to go, I used TripAdvisor to find out what to do there. it’s a great tool.


We also contacted the tourist office and made arrangements to hire bikes. These were paid in advance and brought to my husband’s hotel. We made two trips, one to a local sea farm and one to an amazing mountain. You can read more about it here:

Norwegian Sea Farm

Spectacular Torghatten


All together we rode our bikes about 60 km (37mi) during these two days. The children were not used to ride bikes with panniers. However, it was necessary to bring extra clothes as the weather shifted quickly. We had sun, rain and hail both days. There were no shops or cafés except in Brønnøysund, so we had to bring food and drinks for the whole day.

It did not go very fast, but I was proud of the children and their achievements this weekend.

05-img_6922-001 09-img_7013-001 08-img_7011-001The sheep had not gone in for the winter and they added life to the beautiful scenery.

11-img_7028-00115-img_7061-001The photos are from day two. The first day was both windy, rainy and grey. I’d rather present colorful photos from the second day.


We had time for some exploring. My son found this sea urchin or sea hedgehog. It is really pretty and intriguing. The water was exceptional clear. I cannot remember to have seen so clear water anywhere.

10-img_7027-001 03-img_6909-001

This is from the top of the bridge in Brønnøysund called Brønnøy Bridge. It is quite special, so I have written a separate article about it.

The thrills and joys of Brønnøy Bridge!


The goal on day two was the amazing mountain Torghatten.

15-img_6816-001Brønnøy Church is very old, and dates to around year 1200. Unfortunately, it burned down due to lightening in 1866, but was built up again in 1870.14-img_6823Hurtigruten makes a picturesque stop in Brønnøysund. I wasn’t the only one to find my camera when the rainbow came…

Hiring a bike in Brønnøysund is a great idea! The roads are flat like in Denmark, but the scenery is pure Norwegian. The people at the tourist office seeks solutions for your needs. They even got new bikes for my children! It is also possible to fly to Brønnøysund and pick up the bike at the airport.


I paid this trip myself and I am not paid to recommend Airbnb, Tripadvisor or the Tourist Office. I only recommend what I truly like.

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